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Stanley Machinery Corp. is the world's largest stocking dealer of:

  • LANDIS Bolt Threaders
  • LANDIS Pipe Threaders
  • LANDIS Die Threading Machinery

Approximately 300 Landis Bolt Threaders, Landis Pipe, & Landis Pipe & Nipple machines are in stock and ready to be shipped. Stanley Machinery Corp. maintains a huge supply of Landis tooling which is in stock and available to their customers. Stanley Machinery Corp. completely goes through each machine prior to shipment assuring you that any Landis machine bought from them will operate properly upon initial start-up, and will remain running well for a very long period of time. Each Landis machine is thoroughly cleaned and carefully painted. Stanley Machinery Corp. pays strict attention to all of the details. You can have confidence in Stanley Machinery Corp. and in their machinery as well.